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Fried Harrisa Squid- with Bob Andrew

There are only 2 ways to cook squid, very fast or very slow; anywhere in the middle and you get the rubberband texture that puts many people off for life. A gentle but lengthy putter in a pan, or to deep-fry. In both cases, make sure you use the tentacles, they may look a bit sinister and sci-fi but are as equally delectable as the white flesh, if not more so. 

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Baby squid, cleaned

Zest of a lemon

Chopped parsley

 ½ tbsp of  Harissa

We served the squid as a topping for Harrisa braised squid with saffron chickpeas, burnt lemon & garlic toast
but equally good served as a appetizers with some homemade aioli


If you want to top the stew with some fried squid, you’ll need to keep 3 of the squid destined for the stew to one side. Cut open the bodies and lightly score the inside flesh with a criss-cross pattern; cut them into 3cm triangle shapes. Cut the tentacles in half, lengthways.

Zest a lemon and pinch a bit of the chopped parsley. Mix the squid with the zest, parsley and ½ tbsp of extra harissa. Season with salt and pepper.

Heat some plain oil in a saucepan to 190˚C.  Deep fry the squid for 2 mins; until lightly coloured. Remove with a slotted spoon and serve alongside the stew immediately. 

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